Alice in

The whole world of wonders is filled with curious creatures, plants and objects. You can meet them on your wanderings, behind every corner of the maze. You will be torn between wanting to stay exactly where you’re standing and admiring everything around you, and wanting to keep moving and exploring some more…

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Biggest Book
of Slovakia

Biggest travelling book ever made in Slovakia. As an honor of one of the best folk collectors Pavol Dobsinky, this book travels from one town to another so everyone can share their story and wisdnom, and write their tale to the book…

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Planetary System

Study of space is one of the most fascinating fields there are. Get a little closer to this topic and learn something new with this exciting exhibition. Look closely not only at our own planet, but at all there is in our galaxy…

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Housing through Ages

This show will give you an inside on how mankind manged its housing. From the first simple shelters made with bones and fur, all the way to the present age.

We will show you what where the tricks that made those low-tech housings a cosy place – homes, and how were they built from scratch.

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Adventures of
Sherlock Holmes

Grab your magnifying glass, deerstalker cap and a pipe and let’s solve the crime! Become the most famous detective for a moment and learn his art of deduction to help get the city crime-free. Enter the Victorian London, follow the footsteps, collect the evidence and clues and solve all the riddles…

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Learn about the most important liquid in a fun and interactive way. All the important and interesting information in one place, together with the newest scientific discoveries…

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History of IT

Thanks to information technology our lives changed in a way nobody would have ever thought of. The rhythm of inventions and next generation technologies has sped up rapidly, and it brought up a lot of convenience into our daily lives.

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World in photograhy

See the world around you in a great detail. Scientific photographs of space, highest definitaion world maps and way more ways to (not only) visually educate yourself. It’s a modern way of presenting what is right in front of us. Additional use of technologz and QR codes just enhance the experience.

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